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Ever thought of cooking with coffee? Try Van Houtte® products to add a unique touch to your favourite dishes.


Rhubarb Coffee Cake

Love to eat seasonally? Rhubarb is harvested in the summer, making this dessert recipe a timely treat. Made with Van Houtte® French Vanilla coffee, our rhubarb coffee cake recipe harmonizes natural sweetness with tasty tartness. The result: the perfect summertime snack.

Coffee-Marinated Pork Tenderloin Skewers

Nothing says summer like the barbecue! Want fresh thrills with your grill? BBQ something new with our coffee-marinated pork tenderloin skewers recipe and celebrate the season with an outdoor feast. Van Houtte® Colombian Dark coffee shines in the marinade, bringing depth and balance to this mouthwatering pork recipe.

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