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Making life a masterpiece: Christine Law and human connection

Christine Law is to human connection what Van Houtte is to coffee. Recently, Christine was featured in our new video series Making Life a Masterpiece in which we tell the stories of inspirational people who are not only passionate masters of their craft, but making a difference in their community.

Christine is a young talented master who founded Floranthropie, a non-profit that makes life a masterpiece by repurposing flower arrangements from events like weddings or from wholesalers. These arrangements get a second life as flower bouquets given to elderly people and hospitals. 

Her passion for making a difference in her community sprouted from growing up with her grandparents—with them, she really learned a lot about human connection.  

For Christine, a floral arrangement is much more than a flower bouquet: it is an opportunity to spend quality time with elderly people and to brighten up their lives.

We asked Christine a few questions about her passion and how she came to be a master of human connection.

What does it take – and mean – to be a master?

To be a master is when people start associating you with an expertise. To become a master, you must fully dive into your art (or passion) and learn from those who knows better than you. Then practice, practice and learn from your mistakes and you will become the master of your art.

How important is it for you to master your craft – and why?

To become a master of my craft has always been a priority for me, because I love to explore my capabilities and always challenge myself to become the best of myself at something.

What does the word "passion" mean to you?

Passion for me is like a constant burning fire. When I talk about my passion, the fire gets stronger than ever. 

What gets you up in the morning (other than a cup of
Van Houtte coffee and Floranthropie)?

My mind is full of ideas, imagination and creativity. When I start a project, to keep up with it the following day, and seeing it evolve is what drives me everyday to wake up and start the day! 

If you were a cup of coffee, what kind would you be?

A delicious black coffee with a dash of hazelnut.

Just like Christine who lives her passion every day, don’t let yours wilt away! Make your life a masterpiece! Discover more inspirational people here.

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